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Welcome! You have arrived at the home of the Alpaca Tribe.

This is the place for people who connect with alpacas, so I guess that means you. The Alpaca Tribe podcast shares conversations with people on their own alpaca journey, providing wisdom, insight and great stories about alpacas.

Here are some recent episodes

out of the wind

How to grow your herd of alpacas

When growing your herd of alpacas, it is good to be clear from the start what your capacity is in terms of space, time and money.

It is always hard when you lose an old friend

Sadly, this week, we lost our herd matriarch, Millie. She has been mentioned on the podcast many times and has been with us for 15 years. Seeing her twice a day for that length of time is a lot of alpaca interaction.
alpacas viewed through tree branches

Assumptions we make about alpacas may not be the full story

In this episode, I want to consider people’s assumptions about alpacas. There may be some truth, but it is not the full story. It is also not a definitive list. Let me know if you think there are other assumptions people make about alpacas. Stay well, and I hope to catch you again soon.
Rita and Steve talking online

A small breeder’s view of the Australian alpaca industry

A conversation about the experience of small breeders in Australia and the UK with its contrasts and similarities.

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