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Welcome! You have arrived at the home of the Alpaca Tribe.

This is the place for people who connect with alpacas, so I guess that means you. The Alpaca Tribe podcast shares conversations with people on their own alpaca journey, providing wisdom, insight and great stories about alpacas.

Here are some recent episodes

Owena - large brown alpaca in profile

What do your alpacas think of at Thanksgiving?

There are many things we can be thankful for. For me, alpacas are definitely high on the list.
alpacas grazing on bankside

How to know if you are an alpaca fanatic

Pointers on knowing if you are an alpaca fanatic and some gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones as we approach the holiday season.
older alpacas in smart red coats

The questions spread beyond alpacas

We looked at these questions last time: In this episode, we have an update from the valley and see how the questions from last time apply beyond alpacas. Particularly to visitors we have not seen before – see the pictures below. Photos
alpaca with its ears down

What are the best alpaca questions to ask?

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people! In this episode, I will discuss some of my favourite questions to consider when spending time with these amazing creatures. The first question to ask yourself is, “What is it that I am seeing?” This is an important step in observation that can help you better understand the … Read more

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