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Welcome! You have arrived at the home of the Alpaca Tribe.

This is the place for people who connect with alpacas, so I guess that means you. The Alpaca Tribe podcast shares conversations with people on their own alpaca journey, providing wisdom, insight and great stories about alpacas.

Here are some recent episodes

alpaca interested in opening gate

Be even more alpaca

Revisiting the idea of being more alpaca – their peaceful nature, Protective nature, Noticing and the fact that they are good readers.
podcast episode 3

Hats and alpacas revisited as Spring arrives

a lovely story about hats and alpacas from a listener in France. Plus spring continues to arrive here in the valley.

Do your alpacas notice when you wear a hat?

I have many hats and I wear most of them. The alpacas sometimes seem to take exception.

Learning through alpaca shows – even if you do your own

Alpaca shows can be a great place to learn what to notice, how to describe and what to give priority too. Lots to be seen and heard. Animals to be seen and lovely alpaca people to be met. Often they are available online if you are not able to travel. This is the link for … Read more

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