You have arrived at the home of the Alpaca Tribe.

This is the place for people who connect with alpacas, so I guess that means you.

The Alpaca Tribe podcast shares conversations with people on their own alpaca journey, providing wisdom, insight and great stories about alpacas.

Episode 28 – Waiting for the expected – cria that is

A shorter summer episode with cria birth stories. Waiting for the expected is a delight, though not without its surprises

Episode 27 – Alpacas – a metaphor for life

A summer light-read for you. Here are my musings on some things alpacas have taught me over the last 12 years.

Episode 26 – review of the last 6 months Part 2

Part 2 of a review of episodes from the last 6 mths. Includes what you can do with the fleece and the most important equipment on your farm.

Episode 25 – celebrating 25 episodes

25 Episodes seem to require marking by a review of some of the best bits from our guests sharing about being captivated by alpacas and growing in confidence.

Episode 24 – Jenny MacHarg part 2

Continuing the discussion with Jenny MacHarg we talk about learning with and from your alpacas and the most important piece of equipment on your farm.

Episode 23 – Jenny MacHarg of Fowberry Alpacas

Jenny MacHarg and her husband Graham met their first alpaca 17yrs ago and since then have developed an award winning herd of alpacas. They are always ready to learn from others and pass on their knowledge to other owners and breeders. Join us as we learn about their journey.

Episode 22 – Expect the unexpected with Steve Heatherington

By definition, the unexpected is just that. However, Steve Heatherington suggests we can both expect and prepare for it as we care for our alpacas. Expect the unexpected.

Episode 21 – A passion for alpaca fleece with Julia Berry

In conversation with Julia Berry of Apple Cross Alpacas who has a passion for alpaca fibre and a mission to share the delight of top quality fleece with everyone.

Episode 20 – Preparing for shearing

Join Steve & Sue Heatherington as they talk through five questions to help you prepare for shearing.

Episode 19 – Victoria Barrett of Simply Alpaca

Victoria Barrett has over 10 yrs of alpaca experience. Here we talk about what new and prospective owners need to know; her alpaca fibre workshops and handling courses, including animal-assisted interventions.

Episode 18 – Selling alpaca fibre and products to crafters

Taking alpaca fibre to the craft market. A great day out at Wonderwool Wales with alpaca owners and their gorgeous products. With Sue Heatherington

Episode 17 – Alpacappella Jewellery with Marta Kwasniewicz

Marta Kwasniewicz designs and produces beautiful jewellery with alpaca fibre using a range of techniques including Kumihimo the Japanese braiding technique.

Episode 16 – Ted & Bessie producing sustainable and ethical knitwear with Catherine Price

Ted & Bessie is the great trading name for Catherine Price who designs and produces sustainable and ethical knitwear from alpaca fibre. Hear her talk about the journey and the challenges overcome to achieve this.

Episode 15 – Handling and starting well with Julie Taylor-Browne

With 20 years of alpaca and llama experience, Julie Taylor-Browne is a champion of sensible and sensitive handling of alpacas to get the best from them and care for them well. Well qualified and experienced Julie is a great source of alpaca common sense

Episode 14 – BAS Show Reflections

An eclectic and personal reflection on the BAS National Show 2019. Great experience; great opportunity. Visit a show soon.

Episode 13 – Topical Alpaca Tips with Steve Heatherington

A small selection of topical tips for alpacas as we enter the Spring. From mating, to shearing, to birthing there are things to be thinking about and preparing for. As a bonus there are some equipment suggestions too. Have a spring clean sort out and get ready for the new season.

Episode 12 – Jeremiah Owen of Southern California

Jermiah Owen might have some Welsh roots if you go back far enough but he and his family are well established in Southern Califonia with the recent additions to the ranch - 7 suri alpacas. Hear about his journey so far, what he is learning along the way and how much he is enjoying it.

Episode 11 – Mike Griffiths of Greenside Alpacas

A conversation with Mike Griffiths of Greenside Alpacas in Cumbria, Northwest England. He and his wife have kept alpacas since 2001 and his herd is currently around 100. We explore when he first met alpacas and how he came to be keeping them.

Episode 10 – Steve & Emma Cooper – Tynewydd Alpacas

Alpaca Tribe podcast of conversation with Steve Cooper of Tynewydd Alpacas, Carmarthenshire South Wales producing and selling alpacas and fleece products.

Episode 9 – Moving experiences with alpacas

Thoughts and experiences on moving alpacas from one place to another.

Episode 8 – Knowing your alpacas

Caring well for your alpacas is helped immensely by knowing what is normal for alpacas in general and what is normal for your alpaca in particular. Steve Heatherington looks at ways you can answer these questions and enjoy the process of knowing your alpa

Episode 7 – Hannah Williams of Penrhallt Alpacas

Learn from an experienced and successful breeder of alpacas based on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Her journey will inspire and encourage people thinking of keeping alpacas, or those who already have some. Possibilities with fleece and learning to be confident and fulfilled owners with happy and healthy alpacas.

Episode 6 – Could I keep alpacas?

Ask the right questions to get started keeping alpacas. Planning and preparation for getting alpacas is vital. How to buy alpacas.

Episode 5 – Nick and Jo Davies add alpacas to a holiday-let

Alpacas can add to what you are already doing and make great holiday attractions. Time and effort working with alpacas produces benefits.

Episode 4 – Tanya Russell on the delights and challenges of a new herd

In this episode, I am in conversation with Tanya Russell. She and her fiance Charles, have taken on a ready-made herd of 17. We chat through a number of the challenges and delights Tanya has experienced and hopefully, you can gain insight and learn from her journey. How would you feel suddenly being responsible for 17 alpacas for the first time?

Alpaca Tribe Podcast – Episode 3 – Jen Delucia on Fibre

Fleece is the primary product from alpacas. If you only have a few it can be difficult to know how to make good use of it. There are ways of getting started and having a go that can be both enjoyable and profitable. To make a living with it you will have to be able to scale but you can certainly discover what you like doing and find suitable outlets even at a smaller size.

Alpaca Tribe Podcast – Episode 2

A good introduction to some of the issues around keeping alpacas and things that will make your life simpler as you learn about these fascinating animals. Steve Heatherington interviews Rowan Flindall-Shayle about her experience of discovering how to best care for these fascinating animals and the satisfaction and enjoyment this can bring.

Alpaca Tribe Podcast – Episode 1

This episode will provide you with an introduction to me, Steve Heatherington, as your host and share a collection of my firsts with alpacas

Podcast Trailer

A trailer introducing the Alpaca Tribe podcast for all things alpaca. Discussion with guests on a wide range of topics relating to keeping alpacas, working with their fleece and providing alpaca services. If you have the alpaca gene you need to be part of the alpaca tribe. Need help or want to know more? This is your place for wisdom guidance and great stories on all things alpaca.

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