sheltering from the rain

Confidence for everyone

Our aim is confident and fulfilled owners of happy and healthy alpacas. Knowledge and practice are key – know enough and do it often enough and you will feel confident.

steph and nia

5 reasons for keeping alpacas

Into Autumn in the UK you start to ask yourself, why are we keeping alpacas? I can think of lots of reasons – here are five.

full lake again

Autumn has arrived – no, really this time

Autumn is a special time of year – the light, the colours, the wind the rain! We have been having some Welsh rain and the lake is now full. It also means the alpacas are wet and the little ones a bit cold.

cria enjoying the sun

Can you be right every time?

It is not possible to always know the answer and the right thing to do. But this podcast can help you to lean in the right direction. Listen in for a catch up on life in the valley with the alpacas.

What does it mean

Catch up on the valley happenings and musings. A little bit of sad news and the change of season seems to be arriving.


Sitting about with the alpacas

Cria, like most babies, seem to turn up when they are ready. More waiting means more sitting around with the alpacas – which is quite a treat actually.