Sleeping like a baby… alpaca


The three alpaca priorities are to: eat well, sleep well and explore like mad, so you can make sense of the world and know how to live in it safely. Priorities we can all live by!

Are your alpacas on mute?

are your alpacas on mute

Zoom with your alpacas? If they are muted and have the camera turned off, how do you learn to understand what they might be trying to tell you?

Be more alpaca

at 97 be more alpaca

Would you like to be more alpaca? Listen to this episode as I link members of my herd to alpaca characteristics.

Season change

at92 seasons change

Seasons come and go – the sign of growing older is said to be that everything speeds up. Maybe, but 2020 has been an unusual slow-fast year, very variable. I finished off the pen-matings for this year and this episode is an update and reflection on the process. Did you know that alpacas have a … Read more

CameliDynamics with Marty McGee Bennett

at89 Marty McGee Bennett

Hear Marty McGee Bennett talk about her early journeys with llamas and alpacas as she developed CameliDynamics – a kind, efficient, safe and science-based approach to training and managing llamas and alpacas.

Wild wind and wet alpacas

Following a couple of named storms here in the UK, we are now back to normal – wild wind and wet alpacas – a typical British Summer! The cria seem to love the wind – it makes them light on their feet and full of fun.