Understanding Alpacas

Having covered alpaca behaviour last time with Marty McGee Bennet of Camelidynamics, we should know everything about ‘our’ alpacas and understand them perfectly. But they still bring some surprises to our everyday living with alpacas. I have been supervising some matings here on the farm and it is a complex set of behaviours to fully … Read more

CameliDynamics with Marty McGee Bennett

at89 Marty McGee Bennett

Hear Marty McGee Bennett talk about her early journeys with llamas and alpacas as she developed CameliDynamics – a kind, efficient, safe and science-based approach to training and managing llamas and alpacas.

Cria Catch Up with Tanya Russell

A catch up with Tanya Russell – we talk about how much we have to learn, about being prepared and coping with the unexpected. Plus she would love someone to commission a sculpture.