5 reasons for keeping alpacas

steph and nia

Into Autumn in the UK you start to ask yourself, why are we keeping alpacas? I can think of lots of reasons – here are five.

What is it like to keep alpacas?

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Keeping alpacas is unique, at least in my experience. There is a cost – financial, emotional and time. But, I think it is a price worth paying for having these unique animals in my life.

Alpaca Common Sense

It is so easy to get excited about the thought of keeping alpacas, but what does it really take and are you right to be thinking about it? Maybe, but let me see if I can put you off first. There is more to it than you might think! We can get sentimental about the … Read more

Why keep alpacas?

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Why keep alpacas?
There are all kinds of good reasons but it is certainly a good question to start your alpaca journey with. What do you want to focus on?