Can you be right every time?

cria enjoying the sun

It is not possible to always know the answer and the right thing to do. But this podcast can help you to lean in the right direction. Listen in for a catch up on life in the valley with the alpacas.

Being more comfortable with your alpacas

Keeping alpacas involves a certain amount of discomfort but the payback is enormous. Listen as we talk about things you can do to become more comfortable with them.

What is it like to keep alpacas?

geese in a row

Keeping alpacas is unique, at least in my experience. There is a cost – financial, emotional and time. But, I think it is a price worth paying for having these unique animals in my life.

Lessons from the pandemic and weaning

at116 alpacas on a woodland path

What is it that we’ve learned from the pandemic with a Valley full of alpacas? Routine and rhythm help. Alpacas like their space and there is another day to come.