ted and bessie

Ted & Bessie in Norfolk

July 17, 2019

Back in Episode 16 we interviewed Catherine Price Williams of Ted & Bessie fame. They have now moved to Norfolk and seem to be settling in well. Check out the podcast episode Check out the newspaper story from the Eastern Daily Press

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Review of 6 months Part 2

June 26, 2019

6 months of weekly episodes. You will have your own favourites but here are some of the bits I really liked. This time we consider getting to know your alpacas and making amazing things with the fleece – small and large scale. With time stamped links to the episode the featured guests first appeared on. […]

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Celebrating 25 episodes

June 19, 2019

Many voices sharing their passion for alpacas. Having been captivated and learning to be more confident in keeping, handling and living with their alpacas.

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Jenny MacHarg part 2

June 12, 2019

Continuing the discussion with Jenny MacHarg we talk about learning with and from your alpacas and the most important piece of equipment on your farm.

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Jenny MacHarg of Fowberry Alpacas

June 5, 2019

Jenny MacHarg talks about the idyllic day she met her first alpacas – a herd in the Highlands of Scotland – a beautiful defining moment. Since starting with their first few, they have never stopped learning about the theory and more importantly the practice of how to care for alpacas. Their lives are now filled […]

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Expect the unexpected

May 29, 2019

Summary By definition, the unexpected is just that. However, we can both expect and prepare for it as we care for our alpacas. Expect the unexpected. A recent experience with an injured alpaca, where the fleece covered the injury which started attracting flies produced a sudden change. Everything seemed to be under control and then […]

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A passion for alpaca fleece with Julia Berry of Apple Cross Alpacas

May 22, 2019

Julia Berry and her husband started with 4 pregnant female alpacas and now have a herd of 23. Not completely satisfied with the results of someone else spinning her fleece into yarn, Julia decided to learn how to do it herself. She has always loved crafting and delights in the soft buttery feel of alpaca […]

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Preparing for shearing

May 15, 2019

Show Notes Join Steve & Sue Heatherington as they talk through five questions to help you prepare for shearing. When to shear? Are your fields clean? Is your equipment ready I have a shearer coming – what do I need to do? What am I going to use the fleece for? 1. When to shear […]

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alpaca shearing on the horizon

Warm weather turns thoughts to alpaca shearing

May 13, 2019

Alpaca shearing approaches as the weather gets more dependable but do not shear too early or extra protection from potential night frosts will be needed.

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Victoria Barrett of Simply Alpaca

May 8, 2019

Victoria Barrett started 10 years ago with three pregnant female alpacas and now enjoys a herd approaching 50 (plus the five llamas!). But relax, you don’t have to follow anyone else’s journey, you can have you own. Considering what others have done can help you work out what is possible for you and also what […]

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