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Alpaca Tribe Podcast – Episode 3 – Jen Delucia on Fibre

Fleece is the primary product from alpacas. If you only have a few it can be difficult to know how to make good use of it. There are ways of getting started and having a go that can be both enjoyable and profitable. To make a living with it you will have to be able to scale but you can certainly discover what you like doing and find suitable outlets even at a smaller size.

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Episode 2 – Rowan Flindall-Shayle

A good introduction to some of the issues around keeping alpacas and things that will make your life simpler as you learn about these fascinating animals. Steve Heatherington interviews Rowan Flindall-Shayle about her experience of discovering how to best care for these fascinating animals and the satisfaction and enjoyment this can bring.

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Podcast Trailer

A trailer introducing the Alpaca Tribe podcast for all things alpaca. Discussion with guests on a wide range of topics relating to keeping alpacas, working with their fleece and providing alpaca services. If you have the alpaca gene you need to be part of the alpaca tribe. Need help or want to know more? This is your place for wisdom guidance and great stories on all things alpaca.