5 reasons for keeping alpacas

Into Autumn in the UK you start to ask yourself, why are we keeping alpacas? I can think of lots of reasons – here are five.

  1. You have ‘the alpaca gene’ and can’t not keep alpacas. Not a real gene – it just feels like it.
  2. Stock sales – breeding stock or pets.
  3. The grand plan – lifestyle choice and making a living. Challenging and hard work but in normal times possible.
  4. Fleece – the delight of the premier alpaca product. It is what alpacas are for.
  5. Sharing them with others – through farm visits and things like walking with alpacas.

Listen in for more details and a round-up of the happenings in the valley. Especially an update on little Wenna and the other cria. The geese even make a return – just visiting.

Go spend some time with an alpaca – if you can.