A small breeder’s view of the Australian alpaca industry

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, Steve continues his conversation with Rita Soares of Campo Verde Alpacas in Australia. They talk about their experience as small breeders in Australia and the UK with its contrasts and similarities.

They discuss the state of the alpaca industry in Australia. They talk about the growth and stability of the industry, the challenges faced by breeders, the impact of COVID-19 on alpaca shows, the shift in exporting alpacas to Asia, and the difficulties in making a profit from alpaca fibre. They also highlight the importance of focusing on animal welfare and handling skills, the differences between small hobby owners and large-scale breeders, and the dreams and realistic expectations of alpaca ownership.

What we give our attention to changes over time, which is to be expected and anticipated. Give yourself to the things that you need to for the season you are in.


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