Alpaca Tribe – Trailer


A trailer introducing the Alpaca Tribe podcast for all things alpaca. Discussion with guests on a wide range of topics relating to keeping alpacas, working with their fleece and providing alpaca services. If you have the alpaca gene you need to be part of the alpaca tribe. Need help or want to know more? This is your place for wisdom guidance and great stories on all things alpaca.

##Alpaca Tribe Podcast
The Alpaca podcast for all things Alpaca. A great place for owners and anyone who is thinking of keeping alpacas; for people working with alpaca fleece, or providing the wide range of alpaca services (walking with alpacas, shearing, training, holiday lets etc.)

Have you got the alpaca gene – you somehow just connect with them. You need to be part of the Alpaca Tribe.

With our guests, we will look at getting into keeping alpacas; making the most of the ones you have got (and enjoying it); ways to use the fleece, not just store it; opportunities to develop business activities relating to alpacas; and growing in your experience, wherever you are starting.

Each week we will be talking to people like you and to breeders, vets, producers and professionals.

The Alpaca Tribe Podcast is your place for wisdom, guidance and great stories about all things alpaca, from people who know because they have already done it.

Check out the website – and subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts.

This is the Alpaca Tribe and I am Steve Heatherington.

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