Alpacas Down-Under 50

What do you do?

Well, I call myself an alpaca shepherd but not everybody has heard of one, or has much idea what that means. I appeared briefly on the Wynne Evans show on BBC Radio Wales on his GuessWork spot (2hr:10s mark)- where he asks questions to try to guess what the person’s job is. All he knew was, I was Steve from Swansea. Listen to the episode to see how he got on.

Morning or evening?

I also spoke with Rita Soares of Campo Verde Alpacas near Melbourne, Australia so we had to cope with time-zones being upside down – she has just moved house and farm, with the alpacas. I caught up with her to see how she got started with alpacas and how the move went.

Campo Verde Alpacas | Harcourt | Castlemaine | Bendigo

Campo Verde Alpacas | Harcourt | Castlemaine | Bendigo

Campo Verde is a boutique alpaca farm located in Harcourt, Victoria, Australia. We are close to Castlemaine, Maldon and Bendigo and only 1hr 20 minutes from Melbourne. We raise happy and healthy alpacas in a variety of colours. We are members of the Australian Alpaca Association.

Good learning on preparation and starting early and paying attention to detail. Friendly, helpful alpaca owners make a massive difference too.

Christmas Treat?

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