Be more alpaca

Inspiration for this episode came from a blog post by Sue, my wife, – Quiet Disruptors

Yes, we’ve heard of ‘be more pirate’, and some of us have encountered ‘be more camel’.

But what about being more alpaca?

On a day when the final outcome of collective decisions that will affect the whole world is probably not yet clear, I thought a light-hearted invitation to be more alpaca might be rather attractive.

After all, alpacas are:

  • Calm–they rarely rush around, and their gentle disposition soothes those in their vicinity
  • Graceful–they are such beautiful creatures you can’t help but smile when you see them
  • Distinctive–don’t be fooled by their cute appearance, they have colourful individual personalities
  • Shrewd–they weigh up the situation and carefully consider the options
  • Hardy–they’re adaptable and cope well with the cold, though Welsh damp sometimes goes too far
  • Inquisitive–they’re curious and interested in what’s going on around them, nothing gets past them
  • Inclusive–how they look out for each other, especially for the youngsters, is heartwarming

I hope you find it a useful election distraction

Be more alpaca!

Quiet Disruptors is a daily blog written by Sue Heatherington. A new book of the same title is to be published shortly – check out the website for more information

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