Celebrating 100 episodes

So here we are at episode 100 on a journey of almost two years.

It has been a great journey and I am delighted you have been with me for some or all of it. Thank you.

I am also very grateful for the many guests we have had during that time, who have added their voices to the varied subjects we have covered. Join me in this special episode as I select some great contributions and share them with you again.


Start playing and then use the links below to jump to the place you want to listen

[00:00] Music intro

[00:25] intro

[01:27] valley sounds

[04:21] start of clips

[04:36] Jen Delucia

[05:05] Marta Kwasniewicz

[06:24] Catherine Price

[09:27] Victoria Barrett

[10:05] Bridget Tibbs

[10:47] Hannah Williams

[12:50] Julia Berry

[13:17] SteveH 

[15:45] Rita Soares

[16:10] Joe Phelan

[16:57] Rita Soares

[18:26] Jeremiah Owen

[20:05] Kris Cody

[22:27] Marty McGee Bennett

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