Chirps, Honks, and Alpacas: A Winter Day on the Farm

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

Geese joined the alpacas in their field just before feeding time, which got a little complicated. A cold but dry frosty morning made for a lovely time standing with my female alpacas while they had breakfast. Unfortunately, the sun had not arrived at the spot I was standing, so I got a little chilled – especially the hand holding the phone as I recorded this episode.

I would like to take the protective coats off our two old girls but it is still too cold at night. Spring may be coming but it’s not quite here yet.

My new Wellington boots are helping me better navigate the muddy slopes. Warm and dry feet are essential for any alpaca owner. 

The shift in dynamics after losing Millie has meant Hermione stepping up as the matriarch and enforcing who she is prepared to share feeding space with. 

As spring teases, the growth of nettles marks the slight warming, yet the frost poses a reminder of lingering cold, necessitating extra care for our older alpacas. Managing the alpacas’ diet during these transitional weather periods is crucial – balancing hay consumption with the slowly emerging grass. It’s a delicate equilibrium. 

I encourage everyone to spend time with their alpacas, embracing the quiet yet profound joy it brings. Connect with us at with your stories and insights. 

Until next time, keep embracing the alpaca lifestyle, and remember, the most significant moments often come from the simplest of daily interactions.