Felting with many needles with guest Lanette Freitag

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, I am in conversation with Lanette Frietag of FeltLOOM.

Lanette has long-term experience of alpacas and other fibre animals, and even owned some of the early imports of alpacas to the US. Before that she had llamas.

How do you scale up your use of fleece to make living, or at least cover the costs of feeding your alpacas? We all face that challenge. Lanette discovered first wet-felting and then needle-felting, by hand. Recognising a machine was needed to scale up, they searched but could not find one, so they developed their own! The FeltLOOM.

I hope you enjoy this episode of how things began for Lanette and why. Also, watch out for a bonus episode coming soon, that will give even more of the backstory.




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