Have you noticed the alpacas in the middle?

Here in the UK, we survived the three named storms in five days, with some trees down in the valley but not any serious damage thankfully. The alpacas kept themselves indoors when the winds were strong and were producing driving rain.

Millie was a little unwell with some diarrhoea but we were able to get her balanced up again pretty quickly. To give a little extra protection we added a waterproof coat. We got a couple to help the older girls and they are really appreciating them. Bright red so I can see where the vulnerable ones are at a distance. It seems to have been a real boost to them and they are back in the midst of the group during feeding times rather than hanging back.

This made me realise we can overlook the ones who are in the middle – those who are not outstanding due to their behaviour or looks or problems (or red coats). Worth intentionally checking they are doing OK now and again. A job for the next feeding – look out for the alpacas in the middle.

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