Alpaca Tribe – an introduction

If I told you that there is an alpaca tribe, would you want to be part of it? The good news is that if you are here, you probably already are.

Over the years I have noticed that some people, in particular, get Alpacas; they connect more than other people. Sure, everyone likes Alpacas and their cute cria but for some people, it goes deeper. I call it the alpaca gene and if you have it you are already part of the alpaca tribe but just didn’t know it.

In recognition of this, we are creating an online gathering place where alpaca people can feel connected and that they belong. It will be for all things alpaca, so not just for owners and breeders, or people who run alpaca businesses but for everyone who wants to be around others who are passionate about alpacas – those who are alpaca mad – you know who you are.

The aims of the alpaca tribe are

  1. to promote healthy and happy alpacas
  2. to encourage confident fulfilled owners
  3. to help people achieve sustainable alpaca businesses
  4. to help people use the fleece they harvest from the animals
  5. to provide a place for alpaca enthusiasts to feel at home

For people with only a few alpacas, it is easy to feel isolated and unsure about how to improve your care for your alpacas and get the kind of satisfaction you hoped for when you first started.

We will be sharing ideas, tips and suggestions for you through this podcast series and will be interviewing people from a wide range of alpaca related areas to help you.

We aim to be entertaining and share knowledge that will be useful and make you think: let us know if we can cover something you particularly need.

This episode will provide you with an introduction to me, Steve Heatherington, as your host and share a collection of my firsts with alpacas:

  • First meeting
  • first arrivals
  • First farm open days
  • First shearing
  • First cria births
  • First losses

If you have questions, suggestions or ideas for the podcast, do let us know by emailing

You can also visit the website at and sign up for the newsletter to stay connected.

Thanks for listening and joining me on the journey, Steve

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