Jenny MacHarg of Fowberry Alpacas

Jenny MacHarg talks about the idyllic day she met her first alpacas – a herd in the Highlands of Scotland – a beautiful defining moment. Since starting with their first few, they have never stopped learning about the theory and more importantly the practice of how to care for alpacas. Their lives are now filled with their award winning herd and regular training courses, combined with their supporting clients. There is always something new to learn.

You can also hear her views on how the alpaca industry has changed since the early days and where it could be going.

Education and learning continues to be a passion for Jenny and in the next episode we will hear more from her about what she thinks every owner should learn and what she thinks is the most important piece of equipment on an alpaca farm. Join us next time.

Fowberry Alpacas

British Alpaca Society


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