Listening to your alpacas and yourself

This is such an important time, all around the world, to be taking notice of ourselves and our mental wellbeing.

Alpacas help.

In this episode, I encourage you to take note of what you are saying to yourself about the need for time, space for yourself and stopping for a bit. What better way than to be around some alpacas.

And being around the alpacas, you will find that they speak to you too – learn to hear them and what they tell you about the herd. And remember to watch out for those on the edge, or in my herd, the ones in the middle who hide in plain sight.

Try an experiment and watch them out of the corner of your eye (which they seem to be experts at) and see what they are up to when they think you are not looking.

Take care of yourself and your alpacas – and see you again soon.