Looking after yourself and your alpacas

Our aim is happy and healthy alpacas but also happy and healthy owners. What can you do to keep in good shape?

Well, you would expect me to say “go spend some time with an alpaca” of course. The calming effect of being around these special creatures is well known and certainly has been my experience. Eat well (as in good food rather than high volume!), sleep well and an appropriate amount of exercise. We have our own ‘green gym’ being outside a lot and carrying food, water and mucking out etc. Make it part of your personal wellbeing routine as well as doing chores.

In this episode, I also bring a valley report on what has been going in in the valley and with the alpacas. Not quite the same as you going and spending some time with the alpacas but almost.

I also want you to be encouraged and to encourage some others, especially alpaca owners, given the tough 18 months we have had. Maybe make this an ‘alpaca year’ as you think about presents for friends, family and other specials.

This is the alpaca jewellery I mentioned if you need some inspiration.

https://www.alpacappella.com/ by Marta Kwaƛniewicz.

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