Moving Farm with Alpacas Pt2 //51

This is the second episode of my conversation with Rita Soares of Campo Verde Alpacas.

She and her partner recently moved house and farms – there is enough to be done just thinking of moving house but with a collection of animals added into the mix it can get a bit challenging. Here, Rita continues her story and identifies some of the key things to bear in mind. The generosity of people in the alpaca world should certainly not be underestimated.

  1. Be prepared and plan
  2. It will take longer than you think to pack and to move.
  3. Locate local breeders to ask for help because they will know your local situation.


Which is your favourite? – apart from all of them!

Naming conventions – what do you do?

Timings in Australia with alternate seasons. – birthing in Autumn – which would be spring in UK/US.

If you are new to alpacas – don’t be scared and don’t rush into buying/changing paddocks. Plan and learn more, talk to others, visit other farms etc. Slow down and spend time with the alpacas

The most important thing is the connection that you have with your own animals.

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  • how you and the alpacas mark Christmas.

Do you give them treats? Is it just another day? Any memorable Christmas stories involving your alpacas?

Let me know – I really want to hear from you and to share your story with the world – thanks Steve

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