New arrivals for the Weisman family

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, we hear about when dreams become reality. Listen in to Errin’s story of her new arrivals on the farm in Indiana. Three male alpacas – five days before we spoke.

Two suris and a huacaya. Delightful animals from the rescue farm run by April and Bryan, Fabled Farm Rescue and Sanctuary

Errin did her research, including listening to the podcast and finding herself a mentor to support her early days as an alpaca owner.

The book she mentioned reading was the 4th Edition “Alpaca Veterinary Field Manual” by Dr Evans – Don’t let it overwhelm you, but just in case you wanted to know.

Errin Weisman DO can be found in various places on social media, including Twitter – @errinweisman; Instagram – @burnout_to_badass; LinkedIn; Pintrest @eRRRin and FaceBook @errinweisman. Go find her and more of her work, including the podcast

Part 2 in next episode


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