Nick and Jo Davies on adding alpacas to holiday accommodation

In this episode, we will be considering how alpacas and holiday-lets can work together to make a great experience for visitors and how alpacas can be added to what you are already doing.

I first met Nick and Joe Davies at one of our home-farm open days. They had a look in their eyes and asked the kind of questions that suggested alpacas had grabbed their attention. They had relatively recently moved into a property with some land and an established barn conversion holiday-let. This lifestyle choice to move from Buckinghamshire in south-east England to rural Carmarthenshire in Wales was following a dream and Nick’s passion for alpacas suddenly seemed like a possibility.

They subsequently bought four castrated males alpacas and did some husbandry training to get started with alpacas alongside their holiday destination.

The farm has woodland, meadow areas and a stream, as well as the main field up near the accommodation and house, now home to the alpacas and often the mini-horses.


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Here are some links to other things that were mentioned in the episode.

Book – Llamas and Alpacas: A Guide to Management – Gina Bromage

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