Paying attention to the alpacas and other things

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

We can choose what we pay attention to. I enjoy being around my alpacas, and sometimes that is just for me. But I can also pay attention to things to help prepare for winter as it approaches here in the UK.

Things I will be giving attention to in the coming weeks are:

  • fringes – alpaca fleece grows unevenly and for some the front fringe is starting to encroach over the eyes
  • check the jaw line for possible lumps indicative of an infection. Once established it can spread to the jaw itself forming an abscess. This is painful and hard to clear. Catch it early if you can
  • Between the toes can be a place worth giving attention to. Fungal or other infections are distinctively smelly. Sometimes, stamping of feet can indicate an irritation that needs relieving.


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