It’s raining, alpacas

It is nice to have some rain after. long dry spell and the alpacas seem to be enjoying it too.

Recently people have been contacting me to see if we have any alpacas for sale. The answer… it depends on what you are looking for.

5 questions to consider when buying alpacas and 5 take aways.

  1. Is keeping alpacas really for you? – think carefully about what is involved and the long term commitment that it is.
  2. What is your goal? – fleece, breeding, showing, business, or pets.
  3. Where will you get them from? – you buy a bit of the breeder not just their animals.
  4. How many? – in my opinion, 3 is the minimum herd size.
  5. Where can you learn? – breeder, shows, local groups, courses, books, people, vets. Learn the what and the how.

To check if keeping alpacas is really for you, why not volunteer to help with shearing, or general husbandry or cria-watch?

Learn what is normal.

Take aways

  1. Research
  2. Think
  3. Plan and prepare
  4. Take your time
  5. Know where you are going

Go spend some time with your alpacas.

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