Strange Summer

It has been another interesting week in the valley.

Still waiting on two births, we have seven cria on the ground (2 male 5 female). They continue to be very relaxed and apparently appreciating my presence which is slightly unusual when dealing with pregnant alpacas. They even seem to approach and look for reassurance with my presence.

I am getting used to spotting new-born cria at a distance in the field. Unfortunately, my accuracy could do with improvement. In my intensity in not wanting to miss anything I sometimes mistake tussocks of grass or vegetation for a new-born cria.

Plenty to be seen and heard and even some work to be done.

Strange summer indeed – almost winter-like. Much cooler and windier than the seasonal norm whatever that means today. We had to have an extra delivery of hay – just before the new hay is ready for cutting. Given how hungry they seem to be it won’t last all that long.

Stay safe and well and at peace.

See you again soon.

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