Talking behaviour with Marty McGee Bennett – part 2

In part two of my conversation with Marty Mcgee Bennett, we continue exploring how Marty built her knowledge and experience and how she has been teaching camelid owners in clinics and through books and videos.

Marty is to be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pintrest but you will find all of the information, links and the way to purchase resources on her website at You can also sign up for her newsletter and join the Camelidynamics Guild community.

As we talk about in this episode, there are online courses and a zoom consultation if you need it so Marty can be accessible even during the pandemic.

some key take aways

  • balance is the key to everything
  • The Camelid Companion book is a great place for new owners to start learning about Camelidynamics
  • a catch-pen is essential to be able to work in a small space where the animals feel safe
  • history plays a part but the most pointed indicator and influence is current conditions

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