The start of cria arrivals 2021

Well there were a few to choose from but Betsi was the first. A lovely black alpaca with a beautiful dark fawn cria.

8.5 kg is a good size and Lena, our lastest arrival has made a strong entry to the valley and the world. Born near the lake – too near to be left there – I moved her up to a broader path with less danger while she found her feet and the milk-bar. Both baby and mum are doing well and she has been visited by all of the aunties to welcome her to the herd.

Prydwen was next to give birth with a male cria just over 7kg and a gorgeous white-white with some fawn colouring around the top of his head – plenty of crimp in the neck fleece too. It will be nice to see how he develops.

So far, the others are moving towards giving birth but slowly. Rhoslyn is even more grumpy and keeping herself at a little distance, so maybe… I will let you know

Drop me a line ( if you have any cria watch stories or arrivals to share.

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