When you notice something, hold it long enough until you are sure

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, two of my favourite things are seasons and noticing. When we notice something, we need to hold it long enough, until we are sure.

We seem to be changing seasons. Yellow leaves dropping from the trees – or is it just from the heat wave a few weeks ago? The brambles seem to be confused and are producing new flowers and fruit at the same time – at least near each other, even if not on the same plant. There are also other flowers returning to the summer stage for a quick reprise. What is going on?

What are you noticing? What are you noticing with your alpacas?

Don’t get caught out as I did with Alys.

When we notice something, we need to hold it long enough until it makes sense and we know how to interpret it. Keep noticing. Keep holding.

If you can, grab a chair and go sit in the field with your alpacas. It is a wonderful way to end the summer.


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