Your alpaca questions will change over time

Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode of The Alpaca Tribe, host Steve Heatherington reflects on the past year and discusses the growth and confidence he has gained over time in caring for alpacas. He shares anecdotes about his alpacas’ behaviors and talks about interpreting their signs to ensure they are healthy and comfortable. Steve also delves into the challenges of managing unpredictable natural elements – like having a swan in the valley and dealing with the changing seasons. By the end, he offers advice for newcomers on growing confidence, managing questions related to alpaca care, and the importance of knowing the limits of one’s expertise. Steve concludes the episode with hopes for the coming year to bring more confidence and experience to alpaca keepers.

00:01 Introduction to the Alpaca Podcast

00:31 Reflecting on the Year

01:23 Observing and Understanding Alpaca Behavior

01:49 Dealing with Alpaca Health Issues

04:34 Building Confidence in Alpaca Care

07:19 Understanding the Contextual Confidence

07:51 Learning from Experience and Recognizing Boundaries

09:25 The Changing Nature of Questions and Confidence

11:24 The Departure of the Swan

14:41 Seasonal Changes and Alpaca Feeding Adjustments

16:52 Planning for Christmas Treats for Alpacas

17:17 Conclusion and Farewell


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