Lessons learned from the pandemic and weaning


A year on and everybody seems to be reflecting on a year of pandemic. This seems to be both a good reason to do so and also to avoid it. I decided though that I would be reflective too.

What is it that we’ve learned from the pandemic with a Valley full of alpacas? 

One of the things I’ve learned is to just keep going. Concentrate on the next thing. Not focusing too much on the possibilities and the things that may or may not happen. But to just keep the structure, and the rhythm and the routine.

In the early stages, I wasn’t really mentioning the pandemic much. Well, my podcast was about alpacas not about the pandemic.  

I think I thought it was going to be a few weeks. And it just went on and on. It kept changing and kept going longer. And then it was back again. And it’s just been a challenge really for everybody, in so many different ways. 

The other thing I’ve learnt is that there’s another day to come – that whatever today has been, there is another day.

The alpacas have enjoyed the space that it’s allowed them because we haven’t had visitors coming to the Valley, then the gates have been closed over the road and they’ve just been able to be a lot freer about where they could wander. 

Weaning time again – starting with two boys who have a new home to go to soon. Plan and prepare – open/close gates as appropriate – and remember that young alpacas can run very fast!

Spring is also advancing very quickly – at least today!

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