Don’t you just love having breakfast with the alpacas?


Listen as I deliver breakfast to the girls, complete with Sioned drinking from a puddle – she hasn’t read the text-book!

Brings back memories of my first foray into a field full of alpacas. Such a thrill and only a hint of anxiety. It makes my day, every time.

What about you, when did you meet your first alpaca and how did it make you feel?

I’d love to know – let me know here so I can share it

Send a voice message to     Steve Heatherington (AlpacaTribe)

Send a voice message to Steve Heatherington (AlpacaTribe)

(Or you can use the recorder on your computer.)

Having said the girls had not been to see the weaned boys – they must have heard me and followed me up there just to show me up. I am sure they understand every word!

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