Episode 12 – Jeremiah Owen of Southern California

Sometimes you start with a thought and you get nudged into it quicker than you were expecting.

Jeremiah and his wife had talked about maybe sometime they might get some alpacas but suddenly the option of two who needed a new home started them on their journey. Not uncommonly they came home with seven! It helped out the owner who was having to move state and it started them on their alpaca journey.

Join me as we discuss how it all happened and how things are going. For those of us in the UK, combating foxes seems quite ‘tame’ when you consider coyotes and mountain lions – that’s where the Anatollian Sheepdog comes in – the dog is gradually getting used to these strange creatures called alpacas. Early and exciting days.

Jeremiah made contact with me in response to an invitation to suggest topics for future shows. This was his list:

  • Halter training
  • Breeding
  • Crib tips (birthing to first year)
  • Shearing (walk through of the whole process)
  • What to do with the fleece (options like co-ops or selling raw fiber etc.)

I plan to cover these in future episodes and if you have any other suggestions, please do let me know.



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