Episode 14 – BAS Show Reflections

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I had the chance to make it to the British Alpaca Society Annual Alpaca Show this year. It is a while since I have been and I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and making some new aquaintances.

It was a three hour journey each way to get to the Telford International Centre but it was worth it. The satnav took me the scenic route – though it insisted it was shorter. I came back via the motorway for the more direct and slightly less stressful route.

Once I arrived, I was delighted to find there were 600 alpacas on show; about 30 trade stands; and a great display of what can be achieved with alpaca fleece in the Fibre Zone. The slide show below captures something of the flavour.

The thing you can’t capture quiet so easily in a photo is the sounds and smells of an alpaca show. Intoxicating for those of us who have the “alpaca gene”.

The judging was filmed and streamed (still available here on YouTube) which meant people watching could see the quality of the fleece and conformation. You don’t have to watch it all but it is worth a look.

So this was my eclectic and personal take on the show. I hope you found something to interest you. You may also remember that Jeremiah Owen from Los Angeles was planning to go to a show near him (a relative term) for the first time. I caught up with him and share his perspectives as a new owner too.


The British Alpaca Society National Show

Show Catalogue

BAS Show Trade Stands

AAFT www.aaft.com.au/uk/ukhome
Alpacapa by Lucian www.alpacapaca.co.uk
AlpacaSeller UK www.alpacaseller.com
The Alpaca Shop UK www.thealpacashop.uk
Alpacapella Jewellery www.facebook.com/alpacappella.jewellery
Armitage Livestock Insurance Agency Ltd www.hhinsurancebrokers.co.uk
British Alpaca Society www.bas-uk.com
Camelid Veterinary Services www.ukalpacavet.com
Coco Alpacas www.cocoalpacas.co.uk
Eggs-Port www.eggsport.co.uk
Emerald Green Feeds www.emeraldgreenfeeds.co.uk
East Anglia Alpaca Mill www.eastangliaalpacamill.co.uk
Fresh Group www.fresh-group.com
GWF Nutrition www.gwfnutrition.com
JG Animal Health www.jganimalhealth.co.uk
Marshwood Alpacas Ltd www.marshwood-alpacas.co.uk
Mary Roach Harness www.mrharness.co.uk
NFU https://www.nfuonline.com/
Ocloo Penrose Products www.penroseproducts.com
Peruvian threads https://www.peruvianthreads.co.uk/
Simply Alpaca www.simplyalpaca.co.uk
Sandhills Alpacas www.tockwithalpacas.com
Softly Softly https://www.softlysoftly.uk.com/
Synergy Farm Health http://synergyfarmhealth.com/
Ted and Bessie www.tedandbessie.co.uk
Two Rivers Mill www.tworiversmill.com
Wildwood Animal Health www.wildwoodanimalhealth.co.uk
United Ideas www.unitedideas.co.uk

Judging in the show rings – YouTube video

Calpaca – California Classic Roundup alpaca show


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2 thoughts on “Episode 14 – BAS Show Reflections”

  1. I just love your show. I discovered alpacas right about the time you started the tribe. I have learned some important tips in a very short time. We hope to have our starter herd by July 2019.

    1. Hi Marcie, great to hear from you and so glad that you are enjoying the podcast. I am still learning myself 11 years on. There is always something new to add to your alpaca knowledge.

      Exciting that you have your starter herd on the way. July will be here before you know it. Let me know if there is anything you would like to hear more about and I will try to include it before your alpacas arrive! All the best on the journey, Steve

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