Alpacas have family and friends too


Alpacas recognise each other – and us. From a distance and close up, they pick up on cues from all of their senses to know where they are and who they are with. What can we learn from them?

The herd group dynamics of alpacas always amaze me with their complexity and detail. From who they will share a feeding trough with, to who they will sit down next to. From who they know to be part of their family to who they count as friends.

It is easy to anthropomorphize but from my experience, I would say there are definite relationships and interactions between alpacas that suggest a high level of awareness and decision making. Even as they stare at you inscrutably they know so much more than they let on.

They know me by sight sound and smell – I sometimes confuse them unintentionally by wearing a hat. But once they see and hear me up close – and catch a whiff! – they are happy again.

Why not spend some time watching and noting what is going on with a group of alpacas. Give them time to settle, then start taking notes. And have fun!

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