A visit from winter, the vet and the feed delivery man


Welcome to the podcast for alpaca people!

In this episode, a brief update on what’s happening in the valley – snow features quite highly – mainly because of its rarity and surprising nature.

Plus, hear about our new vet and unloading a feed delivery.

Also, a shout-out to our listeners in Norway – I appreciate you listening; thanks to our old vets St James; and to Kris Cody and the team at https://www.pakaapparel.com/. Great work all round.

Congratulations to The 2023 Paka Scholars!

Paka believes strongly in female education. They have committed 1% of annual revenues to support the education and ambitions of underprivileged Peruvian young women. Peruvian Hearts is an NGO that we’ve partnered with to accomplish this goal, devoted to girls’ education in Peru.

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