Episode 24 – Jenny MacHarg part 2


Continuing the discussion with Jenny MacHarg we talk about learning with and from your alpacas and the most important piece of equipment on your farm.

Show notes

We can forget how strange alpacas are when you first meet them because these long neck creatures are very different from everything else. They make strange noises. And new people, new breeders, or new owners need to be given the confidence to handle them well to handle them confidently and to understand their psyche to look after them better.

By spending time with alpacas we can understand how they work, what they’re thinking, their body language. We can learn to read the animals in a field and spot things that may be of concern.

Owner confidence is key and comes from familiarity and learning from others.

Birthing is a key area and at Fowberry, they run courses in the Spring, to help owners become confident in the process and in their role. See the website for details.

In this episode Jenny MacHarg talks about the key things to have in place for birthing such as a checklist for every cria born and a birthing kit. She also explains how record keeping is important.

We then explored what is the most important piece of equipment on your farm. What would you say it was? For Jenny’s answer check out the episode ( this point is at 13min 15 sec in).


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