Alpaca Tribe Podcast – Episode 3 – Jen Delucia on Fibre

Fleece is the primary product from alpacas. If you only have a few it can be difficult to know how to make good use of it. There are ways of getting started and having a go that can be both enjoyable and profitable. To make a living with it you will have to be able to scale but you can certainly discover what you like doing and find suitable outlets even at a smaller size.

Over the last few years, Jen Delucia has been hand spinning and producing yarn for sale, as well as to use in her decorative wall hangings, both of which she sells on Etsy. Some of her inspiration comes from family connections with Patagonia as well as the coastal area where she lives. Her small business is called Tierra y Mar (which is Spanish for land and sea). See the links below.

Keen to learn and develop her skills, Jen also has a young family in the mix and therefore wants to develop a business using alpaca fiber that will stay small enough for now but has the potential to grow in the future. As we talk through the various challenges and successes she has had, we point out how listeners can get started themselves, now, and then learn and grow.

Thanks for joining us on the journey.


Jen Delucia




Website for Tierra y Mar

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