Episode 31 Confident and Fulfilled Owners


The aim of the Alpaca Tribe is confident and fulfilled owners of happy and healthy alpacas. In this episode, we consider what makes for a confident and fulfilled owner including 5 confidence builders.


What is confidence and how do we get it?

Confidence will allow you to get started, overcoming inertia.

Know-how; Know-what; Know-why.

Alpaca owners are life-long learners. It is OK to question.

Five confidence builders:

  1. Courses
  2. Books
  3. Internet
  4. Local Groups
  5. Community


Movement from… to…

Think back to what attracted you to alpacas originally. Capture it again and pursue it. You can change your mind along the way.

What is your aspirational horizon? Take ownership and go for it – grow your self into a fulfilled owner.

Hobby or business it is you and your fulfilment, your flavour, your preference.

Ideas of things you can do with and relating to your alpacas:

  • tourism
  • breeding
  • fibre related produce
  • spinning
  • weaving
  • felting
  • shearing
  • trekking
  • animal therapy


The British Alpaca Society

Alpaca Chat Facebook Group

Alpaca First Facebook Group

Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers

Victoria Barrett – animal-assisted interventions training


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