Alpaca Vision 40


Alpacas have amazing eyesight that they put to good use in protecting themselves from predators. They can also take on the role of fashion-police and are fascinated by reflections, and cows, and cats, and foxes, and most things actually.


It no longer surprises me but continues to amaze me, the way alpacas look at things. They really don’t miss much.

They love seeing themselves in reflections. I so enjoy Julie Taylor-Brown’s story of the milking parlour from episode 15 – here it is again.

As well as good daytime vision and noticing cows moving on the horizon, they have brilliant night time vision and a tendency to chase foxes. Sometimes cats, rabbits, our dogs and even hats, also attract their attention.

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Carthvean Alpacas

Carthvean Alpacas

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