Having alpacas in your life 45


Everyone should have alpacas in their life. And it is good to share. Large scale business may not be for you but there are ways of recouping some of the expenses of keeping alpacas. Here are a few simple ideas. Let me know what you do.


When you hear stories of great success and large scale alpaca enterprises, it can feel a bit intimidating but it shouldn’t. We can lear from people like Joe Phelan of K2 alpacas and be inspired. We can also take on board that inspiration and still be content to be who we are and do what we feel comfortable doing. If you are keeping alpacas as a hobby for personal fulfillment that is absolutely fine – you should feel no pressure to make it into a business.

But if you want to generate some income from alpaca related things here a re a few ideas.

  1. Felted Christmas tree or house decorations – have some friends round for a felting party.
  2. Make a calendar from stunning photographs of your alpacas. Online or via local print shops.
  3. Alpaca Compost – great for your own garden and a potential small scale produce sale. You could even arrange to get paid in cucumbers or potatoes.
  4. Visitors – farm open days or regular visits to meet the alpacas. Walking with alpacas or walking among alpacas. Your choice, your scale, your level of commitment.

If you would like to join the Alpaca Tribe, visit the website to register your interest – https://alpacatribe.com/join

Tell me what kind of things you do or are planning to do to help meet the costs of keeping your alpacas by sending an email to steve@alpacatribe.com or send me a voice message from https://www.speakpipe.com/AlpacaTribe or the website Alpaca Tribe Website

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