Between Two Mountains

Episode Notes

I caught up with our old friend Jeremiah Owen of Hireth Ranch, in Southern California. The aim was a bit of normal – well normal for an alpaca, goat and rabbit ranch with Anatolian Shepherd livestock guard.

Join us in this weeks episode for a catch up and an alpaca chat.

Hiraeth Ranch

Hiraeth Ranch

Hiraeth Ranch. 43 likes. Farm

Californian Catch Up Alpaca Style 47

We first heard from Jeremiah Owen of Hiraeth Ranch, in Episode 12 of the podcast back in March 2019. Since then there have been some good learning opportunitties and a few surprises along the way.

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Episode 12 – Jeremiah Owen of Southern California

Jermiah Owen might have some Welsh roots if you go back far enough but he and his family are well established in Southern Califonia with the recent additions to the ranch – 7 suri alpacas. Hear about his journey so far, what he is learning along the way and how much he is enjoying it.

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