About that alpaca fleece in the corner…


If you only produce a little fleece from our alpacas, it can be more difficult to do something meaningful with it. In this podcast episode we discuss some ideas and thoughts that might relieve the guilt and bring some definite benefit.

You have one of the world’s top-quality fleece producers in your backyard. How do you move beyond storing that fleece for a rainy day and just providing a home for moths? Most of us want to do more with it and I’m assuming that includes you too

1. what have you got in your hand?

  • How much fleece and in what condition?
  • Could you just sell it all and start again?
  • Do you want to do something with it now?

2. what have you got in your heart?

  • What do you really want to do with it?
  • Spin?
  • Knit?
  • Make family gifts?

3. what can you see?

  • What about planning for the next shearing?
  • Develop connections for processing or selling
  • Develop your skills
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