Peru projects and growing cria

While musing on where alpacas come from, my thoughts turned to a recent guest, Suzanna James and her project with the women knotters from Antuata …
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at82 losing lewys

Losing Lewys

In the last episode, I told you about the unexpected arrival of an extra cria – Lewys. Sadly we lost him 4 days later to …
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podcast81 Jennifer Eckels

Older new arrivals

Jennifer Eckels of Alder Creek Cellars and Farm wrote to me to say she had been listening and to say that the information we have …
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Strange Summer

Still waiting on two births, we have seven cria on the ground (2 male 5 female). They continue to be very relaxed and apparently appreciating …
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cria angharad

Cria Naming

In this episode, you will hear about the arrival of our first two cria this year and the names we chose for them.
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kerry lord and alpacas

Creative Crocheting with Toft UK

Kerry Lord of Toft UK runs a successful business selling crochet kits and helping people learn simple skills for creative crocheting. Listen and be inspired
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