Meeting Your First Alpaca

When did you meet your first alpaca? It is probably memorable and certainly significant. Listen to some different guests express how it happened and how …
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Old Year, New Year 53

The year has been full and interesting and next year looks set to be the same. A brief review and reflection on a year with …
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Alpacas at Christmas 52

How do you spend Christmas with your alpacas? Here are some of our podcast guests from the year with their ideas.
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What is going on? 49

An alpaca with a limp may need time or major intervention. How do you decide which? What practical approach can you take to assess the …
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basic alpaca appraisal

Basic Alpaca Appraisal 46

Watching alpacas is a great pastime but there is a serious side to it too. How to judge the quality of an alpaca is not …
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