cria angharad

Cria Naming

In this episode, you will hear about the arrival of our first two cria this year and the names we chose for them.
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kerry lord and alpacas

Creative Crocheting with Toft UK

Kerry Lord of Toft UK runs a successful business selling crochet kits and helping people learn simple skills for creative crocheting. Listen and be inspired
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Shearing wash Up

When it rains – out or in? Alpacas vary too. Today they were outside. Almost finished shearing and then can wash up and put away…
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Alpaca Shearing can be fun

It has been coming for a while but finally arrived this week – alpaca shearing. Preparation makes the job easier and more enjoyable, though it…
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girls in a line

It’s raining, alpacas

Rain is welcome after a dry spell. People start thinking about buying alpacas. Here are some questions to consider.
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Shearing on the Horizon

Thursdays are podcast day and April is shearing prep month. Learn from people and learn to listen to the right ones. Enjoy yourselves.
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Between Two Mountains

Our old friend Jermiah Owen lives in Southern California between two mountains with the Los Angeles Forest on one side and the Mojave Desert on…
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