Thinking hazard and risk assessment when you have alpacas around


Listen in to find out about the fox drama followed by the lifebuoy drama.

The things these alpacas get up to!

I always loved the concept of managing by wandering around since I first came across it in a previous life (ie before alpacas). Who knew you could apply it to managing your alpacas?

“What are you doing Steve?”

“Oh, I am just managing the alpacas!” – no really!

Some things to look out for

when having your risk assessment wander

  • Tangles
  • Gaps
  • Risk of physical injury – thorns, nails, collapses, mud, water, fighting
  • Holes – eg molehills or tunnels, or rabbit holes, or gopher holes, with stumble points
  • Poisoning

Take Action

  • Remove
  • Exclude
  • Repair
  • Prepare
He seems to invite drama!

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