A bit more confidence with alpacas

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Episode Notes

Confidence comes from knowledge, then practice over time.

In the last episode, I asserted that gaining more confidence with caring for your alpacas was possible, not just in principle but specifically for you.

David Dunning and Justin Kruger of the Dunning-Kruger effect fame, suggest we can delude ourselves about how good we are. Their work starting back in 1999 suggests with a little bit of knowledge we can overestimate our capabilities, with a lot of knowledge underestimate it. And in the middle, we can know we don’t know as much as we thought, risking a conclusion that we are useless and know nothing – in fact, we have just reached the point of knowing we have more to learn, which is a place of possibility. This dip in confidence we can feel as alpaca owners is normal and should be seen as part of the journey to becoming better at caring for our alpacas. I hope this gives you hope that:

  1. It is possible for you.
  2. Practice over time will produce progress (it is not instant).

Summer continues to develop here in the UK. Watch out for flies, water levels and weeds you need to remove at this time.

My pregnant girls are getting a bit more grumpy and starting that last phase of pregnancy. Watch for developing signs and continue to give your alpacas confidence that you are safe to be around. The cria will be along soon – probably!

If you get the chance, go spend some time with an alpaca and smile. (but protect yourself from too much sun and biting flies!)

One thing that gave me a lot of confidence was training with Marty McGee Bennet of CamelidDynamics. See the episodes below, where we talked about what CaelidDynamics is all about and what she has learned over many years. Online courses and information available at her website plus she has started travelling again – meanwhile, here in the UK, Victoria Barrett of Simply Alpacas is a Senior CamelidDynamics Consultant – see more details on the Simply Alpaca website.

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